For those who work as guides for Tropicana the tour now provides about 50% of their total annual income and has significantly changed the community as now the men do not have to leave to find work like they did before


We would like to introduce you to our team. We work with 14 fantastic local guides who all live in the village of La Soledad on Acatenango, which is a community of around 700 people. All of the guides come from families who have lived in La Soledad for generations so they really understand the volcano, its microclimate and how to survive on the slopes of this imperious mountain. They are full of knowledge about life and nature on the volcano and are always happy to answer your questions. The guides range in age from 18 to 54, most have families and all are subsistence farmers who grow vegetables like, beans, peas, carrots and broccoli on their farms. The majority of these crops go to feed their families and harvests are usually every six months so money can sometimes be scarce in the times in between harvests. For those who work as guides for Tropicana the tour now provides about 50 % of their total annual income and has significantly changed the community as now the men do not have to leave to find work like they did before. One guide, Eddy, says he loves his work as a guide because he gets to see his children grow up, before he had to work in Guatemala city to provide for his family, now he is at home and gets to spend time with them and can also work on his farm which has increased its yield.  Having this extra income not only has supported around 70 people in the guides immediate families but also has improved living standards in the community itself with better housing, expanded farms and better education for their children. The guides that we at Tropicana work with are ensured above average local pay and are provided with cold weather clothing and footwear so that they see the full potential of their wages. We would love you to come and meet these fun knowledgeable guys for yourselves and learn a bit about life on a volcano.


“I love my  work as a guide because becuse I could see see my children grow up, before I used to work more than 20 milles away to provide for my family, now I’m at home and I can spend time with them and also can work in my farm” -Eddy



Abel is 24 years old and is a young entrepreneur with a passion for helping his community. He has worked with Tropicana to develop our team of local guides and improve our tour. As our chief guide he is full of information about the volcano and La Soledad community.


Florian is 28 years old, he is married and has one daughter. Apart from working as a guide and a farmer he is fanatical about soccer, so he’s your guy to chat about the latest championship with!




Eddy is married with 1 child. He has been a guide for Tropicana for 3 years before which he worked in Guatemala City so was away from his family a lot. Apart from enjoying hiking he is passionate about the military, especially the Guatemalan Army.



Otoniel is 30 years old and is married with 2 children. He is the only child of his parents so now he looks after them as well. The income he gets from being a guide and farming supports his extended family.


One of our favourite guides. Timo is the oldest in his family so has the responsibility of them all plus his 8 children. As well as farming he enjoys climbing mountains in his free time.


 Tropicana Disaster Relief Fund

Tropicana Disaster Relief Fund was born as a response to the devastating eruption of Volcan Fuego on Sunday 3rd June 2018. It started as a loose collection of hostel staff, guests and friends who realising that no aid or relief was reaching those affected by the eruption decided they had to try to help. It started by collecting and buying aid to bring to shelters in La solidad and in Escuintla and in the first two weeks over 12 van loads of aid were brought to those most in need. Since then we have raised funds to try to help rebuild the lives of those who lost everything and we have set up a gofundme page with which we have now raised enough funds to build 3 houses for 3 families partnering with a local charity Constru Casas. If you would like to find out more about us please go to our facebook page Tropicana Volcano Disaster Relief Fund were if you wish to you can also donate.