Guatemala is a beautiful country with more than 30 Volcanoes dotted throughout the land. Antigua is nestled in a valley between 3 of these volcanoes, Agua, Acatenango and Fuego, with Volcan Pacaya close by too.  Fuego is highly active and provides a fire show on a regular basis.  The two most popular volcanoes to hike are Acatenango and Pacaya, both of which are very different experiences.  Pacaya is a half day trip, it’s a 2 hour 30 minute walk, with picturesque views but for those of you in search of a challenge and some memories and photos you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, we recommend Acatenango.

Hike Acatenango With Us.

For many people, this hike is seen as secondary to the cobblestone streets of Antigua, but for us it is a MUST for anyone who passes through.  This promises to be one of the best tours you do on your trip.   This challenging but beautiful trek takes you up one of the highest Volcanoes in Guatemala where you will camp at almost 4,000 meters with a spectacular view of the very active Volcano Fuego.



Anyone hiking with us gets a free breakfast to start your day served in the hostel bar at 8 am.  At 9am the shuttle leaves the hostel and it’s roughly an hour drive to the bottom of the volcano. At the bottom we grab our sleeping bags and the rest of our gear needed for camping at the top.

Around 11am we start our hike.  The guides go at the pace of the group so there is no pressure, we take our time, stopping every 500m for a breather and once for half an hour around 1pm for lunch.  The hike to camp takes an average of 4 hours, so you should arrive around 3pm where your guide will help you put up the tents, make a fire and cook dinner whilst you take in the views of Guatemala Kilometres below and Volcano Fuego erupting straight across at eye level.

In the morning we have an early start so don’t stay up too late or drink too much wine over the camp fire.  We awake at 4am to begin our final push to the crater for sunrise. We leave our tents and all our gear at camp, all you’ll need to carry to the top is a torch, some water and most importantly, your camera to capture the spectacular sunrise.

The tour includes

  • Equipment ( Tent, sleeping bag, mat )
  • Guides ( local guides, very little English)
  • Breakfast before you leave.
  • 3 vegetarian meals  ( we can help if you any food restriction) / We cook hot dinner for the group on top of the volcano, so guests usually enjoy a nice pasta dish with a tomato sauce and veggies or something similar.
  • Coffee, tea,  and hot chocolate.
  • Transportation to and from the bottom of the volcano.
  • Discount on accommodation for the following nights.
  • Free storage at the hostel for valuables and anything you don’t want to carry uphill for 4 hours.
Things that you need to bring
  • Warm clothes (we have jackets for rental at the hostel) / the temperature at night is between 2 to 5 degrees Celsius.
  • 4 liters of water.
  • Extra snacks, some nuts or chocolate for extra energy.
  • Flashlight for the morning hike to the crater.
  • Medium backpack, 45 liters ideal  (we have them for rental at the hostel)
Please Note
  • There is no refund for any reason: this means that if you can’t do the tour because of sickness, bad weather, hangover, etc… there is no refund, no exceptions. 
  • Change of date ofr the tour: In any case it is only possible to chance your tour if you are sick or have an accident. These changes must be made no later than 4pm the day before the tour and only when there are still 3 or more people booked for your tour date. We may require a doctor’s note in order to make these changes.
  • The tour you purchase with Torpicana Hostel are not transferable: if you book a tour with us and for any reason you can’t do it is not possible to chance the name or the client, the only person that can do the tour with the ticket si the person that booked it at first place.
  • Be aware that you are hiking almost 4000 meters so you may get altitude sickness.
  • You hike Acatenango at your own risk and the hostel is not responsible for any loss of property or injury that occurs.  (we will, however provide assistance to the utmost of our ability in any such case)
  • If you have any question feel free to ask the staff at the front desk.

Price $65 (Credit card fee included)