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Acatenango Volcano Hike

Acatenango Hike

  • Everyone is welcome to join the hike even if you are not staying with us 🙂

Climb Acatenango With Us

“Discover the beauty of Acatenango and immerse yourself in the ultimate adventure.  The Acatenango hike is not your ordinary trek. It’s an experience that will stay with you forever.

Forget the crowded cobblestone streets. Say hello to breathtaking views from the summit of one of Guatemala’s highest volcanoes. This challenging, but beautiful volcano hike takes you to new heights. And, you’ll create unforgettable memories along the way.

We’ve got the best team in town. Our 14 local, INGUAT-certified guides are passionate about showing you the beauty of this incredible place. They know all the best spots and will guide you every step of the way.

Not only will you conquer new heights, create unforgettable memories and get some photos that will be the envy of your friends back home, but you’ll also make a positive impact on the local community.  The Acatenango hike helps support the local families of La Soledad, making it a truly unique and meaningful experience.

Join us for the trek of a lifetime. Sign up now to our Acatenango hike and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.”

The Acatenango tour includes:

Equipment (Cabin, sleeping bag, mat) BLANKET – PILLOWS – SHARED CABINS
Guides (all our guides are local we are very proud to work with them and help the community of La Soledad, since the trek is a big source of income for them)
Breakfast before you leave (Pancakes, one boiled egg and fruit).
Lunch: Chicken Burrito – Juice and brownie. ( Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose intolerant options available)
Special menus to accommodate any food restrictions –  We cook hot dinner for the group on top of the volcano, so guests usually enjoy a noodle dish with vegetables and chicken noodle soup.
Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. – Marshmallows for roasting at the campfire
4 liters of  water included.
Transportation to and from the bottom of the volcano.
Warm Clothing included ( jacket, gloves and hat included )
Free storage at the hostel for valuables and anything you don’t want to carry uphill.
Use of facilities after the Acatenango hike – free shower and towel provided with no extra cost.
Acatenango Hike Entrance fee included

Things you need to bring –

Warm clothes (we have jackets, gloves and hats for rental at the hostel) / the temperature at night is between 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. INCLUDED. Backpack and shoes extra charge.
Shoes available for rental. Available in different sizes.
Extra snacks, some nuts or chocolate for extra energy.
Flashlight for the morning hike to the crater.
Medium backpack (we have them for rental at the hostel).

1st day

7:30AM Anyone hiking with us gets a free breakfast to start your day served in our beautiful terrace with amazing views of the volcanoes around Antigua. Time to get the rental items if needed.
8:30AM The shuttle leaves the hostel and its roughly and hour drive to the bottom of the volcano. All the gear to camp (tents, sleeping bags, camping beds) are already at the top of the volcano, you don’t need to carry any equipment.
10:00AM We arrive at the private farm where you start hiking, we give you time to use the toilet and arrange your personal items, if you need to rent a walking stick you can do it here.
10:30/11:00AM We start the hike, the guides go at the pace of the group so there is no pressure, we take our time, stopping every 500m for a breath.
1:00 PM Half an hour break for lunch. The hike to camp takes an average of 4 hours.
3:00 PM Your guide will make a fire and cook dinner while you take in the view of Guatemala Kilometres below and Volcano Fuego erupting straight across at eye level. In a clear day you can see the amazing Lake Atitlan and it’s surrounding volcanoes.
6:00/7:00PM Dinner will be served by the guides, You will enjoy the dinner with a glass of wine, chocolate, tea or coffee and marshmallows to roast around the campfire.


2nd day

4:00AM We have an early start, so don’t stay up too late or drink too much wine over the camp fire. Our final push to the crater for sunrise. We leave our tents and all our gear at camp, all you’ll need to carry to the top is a torch, some water and most importantly, your camera to capture the spectacular sunrise.
5:00/6:00AM Enjoy the sunrise at almost 4,000m
6:00/10AM Back to campsite arrange your personal items, start hiking back to the start point where you will get a natural drink.
12AM-1PM Back at the hostel, you are welcome to use our showers and get a towel with no extra cost.


Vegetarian Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs, fruit, cheese, pancakes, bread, juice, coffee or tea.

Regular Breakfast

2 scrambled eggs, fruit, cheese, pancakes, bread, juice, coffee or tea.

Vegan Breakfast

2 hashbrown, beans, fruit cocktail and fried bananas.

Gluten free Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, fried bananas, beans, fruit cocktail and a cookie.

Lactose intolerant Breakfast

2 Scrambled eggs, fried bananas, beans, fruit cocktail and a cookie.


Vegan Lunch

Vegetarian burrito, homemade brownie, 1 apple and juice.

Vegetarian Lunch

Vegetarian burrito, homemade brownie, apple and juice.

Gluten free Lunch

Chicken Salad, 1 apple, 2 corn cookies and a juice.

​Lactose intolerant Lunch

Chicken and vegetable burrito, homemade brownie, apple and juice.

Regular Lunch

Chicken and vegetable burrito, homemade brownie, apple and juice.


Vegetarian Dinner

Noodles with vegetables, mushroom soup, wine, tea or coffee.

Vegan Dinner

Noodles with vegetables, mushroom soup, wine, tea, or coffee.

Gluten free Dinner

Rice, vegetables with soy, beans soup, wine, tea and coffee.

​Lactose intolerant Dinner

Noodles with vegetables, cup ramen, wine , tea or coffee.

Regular Dinner

Noodles with vegetables and a cup of ramen soup local. Red wine, tea or coffee.

Breakfast at the volcano

Vegetarian Breakfast at the volcano

Banana bread, oatmeal, coffee and chocolate.

Vegan Breakfast at the Volcano

Banana bread, toast with jam, peanut butter, coffee or te.

Lactose intolerant Breakfast at the Volcano

Banana bread, toast with jam, peanut butter, coffee or te.

​Gluten free Breakfast at the Volcano

Rice toast, with jam, peanut butter, coffee or te.

Regular Breakfast at the volcano

Banana bread, oatmeal, coffee and chocolate.



Marshmallows and Hot drinking chocolate, coffee or tea.

All tour meals included

Tropicana Tours offers you all kinds of clothing items to make sure your warm and cozy during you hike. Each item requires a small fee and deposit. You will recieve your deposit back on items returned in fair condition.


















Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Our guides have a first aid certification.

Cantidad de guías

Per each 8 people in the tour, we have 1 guide.

Mal de altura

If you have some altitude sickness our certificated guides know how to act but to avoid this situation we recommend staying in Antigua at least one day to acclimate yourself.

Cabañas de madera

We have wooden cabins which means that you do not have to carry your camping gear because the sleeping bags, camping beds and blankets are already located in our basecamp.


3,974 meters


The price for the porter´s service is Q.200 per way, the porter can carry 11 kilos or less. If your backpack weighs more than 11 kilos the price will increase.


If you need a horse the price is Q.700 per way.

2 reviews for Acatenango Volcano Hike

  1. Urvi

    An amazing tour! The food provided by the hostel was really good and filling! Above all, our tour guides Miguel, Josue, Emilio and Manolo were the ones that made the hike a memorable experience for us. They were all so sweet, helpful and hardworking! They have a heart warming good bye speech at the end of our tour that left me in tears. Definitely book with them and ask for these specific tour guides!

  2. J. Goffin

    We hiked booked the Acatenago tour for 4 people.
    Lucas and his team were incredible. Ensured that every body was supported on the tour and provided an excellent service.
    Views of fuego were excellent and I’d like to mention again that the guides were outstanding.

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Acatenango Volcano Hike

(2 customer reviews)


This challenging but beautiful trek takes you up one of the highest Volcanoes in Guatemala where you will camp at almost 4,000m with a spectacular view of the very active Volcano Fuego.

Please book 24 hours in advance

specify type and for how many.

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