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Local Guides

For those who work as guides for Tropicana the tour now provides about 50% of their total annual income and has significantly changed the community as now the men do not have to leave to find work like they did before.

Items Available

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Tropicana Tours offers you all kinds of clothing items to make sure your warm and cozy during you hike. Each item requiers a small fee and deposit. You will recieve your deposit back on items returned in fair condition.





Cabins for your comfort


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Private campsite in Acatenango

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Pet friendly


We work with the local community of La Soledad


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The Acatenango hike was hard but incredibly rewarding. It was an overnight adventure I wouldn’t have missed for the world. 

Louisa Short

I was very nervous with the Acatenango volcano tour because I am not used to hiking but the best part of the trek were not the views, it was the way you feel when you get to the summit, being above the clouds it’s a unique feeling. I would recommend hiking around Guatemala. 

Jenna Sloen