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The Land of Eternal Spring

Why People Come

Antigua Guatemala is full of diversity, culture and beauty. It has a lot to offer the tourists of all ages and ethnicities who come to visit. The charming cobblestone streets are a beautifully maintained throw back to times gone by. A time when horse and cart were the prevailing means of transport. Here we look at what makes Antigua and Guatemala attractive.

The Architecture

The churches are a central part of the local community, its traditions and heritage. For lovers of architecture, history and religion these old buildings are a pleasure to explore. Some of the previously glorious buildings were destroyed by the devastating 1773 earthquake and have never been (fully) restored. The Cathedral in the central park, for example. This earthquake destroyed many grand buildings, however, these old ruins are now beautiful in their own right and are still actively used today. For instance, many play host to weddings and other special events.

Antigua Guatemala Ruins

The Culture

For lovers of culture, Guatemala is a diverse place. There are many different groups of indigenous peoples in the country. 25 languages are spoken in the country, for example. Spanish being the main language, however the 22 Mayan languages, the Garifuna and Xinca languages represent 24 groups all with their unique differences.

The Language

Due to the diversity in languages within the country, most Guatemalans speak a very clear Spanish, as quite often, it is their second language. This makes Antigua Guatemala one of the most popular places in the world to study Spanish. As a result, students from all over come to Antigua to do language immersion courses and stay with a Guatemalan family.

The Nature

For landscape and nature lovers, the tropical black sand beaches of the Pacific coast, the Volcanoes and highlands through the centre and the rainforest of the North East offer a range of biodiversity that is very rare for a country so small. Anyone planning a road trip around Guate can pack in a lot of gorgeous scenery with some spectacular hikes in a very short space of time.

Volcano Fuego blowing hoops near Antigua

Why People Stay

The People

Ask people why they’ve stayed in Antigua Guatemala way beyond their original allocated time, most will give two main reasons. Firstly the people. Guatemalans are a wonderfully friendly and welcoming people. Their pride in their country gives them great pleasure that foreigners would chose to holiday here. People are always delighted to have a chat over a beer about your experiences in their country.

The Weather

Secondly, another one of the main reasons out of most peoples mouths will be the climate. From the Tropical Jungles and Beaches to the cooler Highlands, Guatemala has a climate thats hard to beat for most people.

For us here in Antigua, the blue skies with volcano views are something special to wake up to every morning. This is something we are lucky to get pretty much all year round. With average day time temperatures of 24 degrees celsius and night time temperatures that don’t usually drop below 12 degrees in the coldest months, as a result, it really is hard to get better.


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