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Satisfy your Adventure Spree and Go For Acatenango Hiking


The Acatenango volcano hike is one of the most luring activities for adventure lovers. Rather it’s Guatemala’s special attraction. It needs enough mettle to tackle the freezing temperatures and difficult terrain to have a glance at the Fuego Volcano. Fuego volcano disgorges molten lava and ash from its crater. Acatenango volcano is situated merely 2.5km from Fuego and offers the best view. It is once in a lifetime opportunity. Despite what you may have heard Acatenango hike is more doable than others think it to be.

Elevate Your Acatenango Hiking Experience with Tropicana

Tropicana can help to make Acatenango hiking more achievable for you. We have organized more than 10,000 hikes and can provide you with professional local guides, camping gear, and fresh-made food. The best thing you can avail of Tropicana is a private campsite, which can give you the best view of the Fuego volcano.

The exhilarating experience will become a cherished memory for your entire life while you can get all the amenities that are most unexpected while you are on a trek. Layers are your best friend on this trek. During the day it can be warm, but at night it becomes below freezing. You will need gloves, scarves, and windbreakers on your tolerance level for cold. But when you are trekking with Tropicana, you can rent these from us and you can also get gloves, hiking bags, and hiking sticks. Enjoy a hassle-free hiking experience by lightening your load. With us, savor the convenience of fresh food options that you can effortlessly carry in your bag. Boost your energy levels on the Acatenango volcano trek by bringing along energy bars. To ensure you stay hydrated throughout the hike, consider packing 4 liters of water and avoid the risk of running out during your adventure.

Acatenango Volcano Hike

The Base Camp on the Top of Acatenango

The best part about having Tropicana as your Acatenango hiking partner is you can camp overnight on a base camp looking across at Fuego and hearing its bigger expulsions. Fuego can have a lot of activity at night by staying at the base camp. You can see the unbelievable view of the active volcano from the best possible place by staying on the top of Acatenango. Nature in its wild but beautiful form can be seen on this trek.

The sunset over Fuego from the Acatenango volcano base camp can be a wonderful sight that you might have ever seen. You can see the light began to disappear, along with the molten lava erupting out of the volcano.


Hiking the Acatenango volcano is not for the faint-hearted but it’s an experience that will be enjoyed by the adventure seekers. It is a view worthwhile to see a volcano erupt in front of your eyes. So, if you are traveling to Guatemala, don’t miss Acatenango hiking.

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