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Budgeting a Two-Week Adventure in Guatemala: A Traveler’s Guide


So, you’re planning a two-week trip to Guatemala? From the picturesque cobblestone streets of Antigua to the serene natural beauty of Lake Atitlan and the stunning caves and waterfalls in Lanquin, it’s an adventure you won’t forget. But how much money should you budget for your trip? Let’s dive in!


Start with where you’ll be sleeping. Backpacking in Guatemala has many budget hostels such as Tropicana Hostel in Antigua, La Iguana Perdida in Lake Atitlan, and Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin offer clean, comfortable, and sociable lodging at reasonable prices. A bed in a dorm room typically costs between $10 and $15 per night, so for a two-week stay, you’re looking at roughly $140 – $210.

trip to guatemala

One of the best hostels in Guatemala


In terms of getting around, you’ll primarily use tourist shuttles which are safe, reliable, and relatively cheap. Expect to pay around $10 – $20 per trip depending on the distance. Over two weeks, assuming a few shuttles to get from city to city, budget around $60 – $80.


Guatemala boasts an array of budget restaurants serving delicious and affordable local cuisine. On average, you can get a decent meal for $5 – $10. If we consider three meals a day for two weeks, that’s about $210 – $420.

Budget travel in Guatemala - trip to Guatemala.

Antigua is a must when you visit Guatemala


You won’t want to miss out on the tours and excursions. One such example is the incredible Acatenango volcano hike offered by Tropicana for $79. Aside from that, you might wish to explore the Mayan ruins, go cave tubing, or take a coffee plantation tour. Depending on the number of tours you plan to do, set aside anywhere from $150 – $300 for these activities.

Miscellaneous Expenses

For travel in Guatemala, you can’t forget about other costs like drinks, snacks, and souvenirs, plus unexpected expenses. An additional $10 per day should cover these, amounting to roughly $140 for the entire trip.

Total Cost

So, adding up all the estimated costs, for a two-week budget trip to Guatemala, you’ll need somewhere between $700 and $1,150. Of course, your actual spending may vary depending on your preferences and unplanned adventures!

This is a rough estimate, but it should give you a good starting point for planning your Guatemalan adventure. Remember, it’s always better to overestimate and have some money left over than to underestimate and run short.

Guatemala is a vibrant, culturally rich country that offers an abundance of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and captivating history. Despite being one of the more affordable travel destinations, it certainly doesn’t skimp on experiences. So pack your bags, budget wisely, and get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

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