The fun part!

Tropicana Rooftop is the perfect spot to meet other travellers and socialize. Tropicana bar is open 7 nights a week with entertainment for everyone. We offer nightly promotions and a range of activities such as:

  • beer pong,
  • trivia,
  • communal dinners,
  • live music.

We have amazing bar volunteers that will make sure that you have the great time in Antigua. Due to strict licensing laws in Antigua the Tropicana Bar closes at 10 pm, after which our wonderful party loving staff will take you to the clubs and bars around town to continue the fiesta and see what Antigua nightlife has to offer!!!

The rooftop bar, which opens at noon, is a great place to enjoy a sunset drink or two while taking in a panoramic view of the surrounding Antigua ruins, the hills and the volcanoes.

If you’re not feeling like a party or need a bit of quiet time, the hammocks in the garden are a great place to hide out.




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