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What Are The Things To Be Done In Antigua Guatemala?


With several volcanoes within a little distance, undoubtedly makes Antigua Guatemala the best place for hiking. A few volcano treks like Acatenango, Fugo is very difficult, but the hikers like to experience the thrill. Having a gripping view of Acatenango is amazing. However to visit such areas you need professional help provided by tour agencies.

If you want to explore Antigua Guatemala, you are on the right page. Tropicana Hostel can arrange your stay, food; volcano hiking, car renting and other associated services hassle-freely.

Things to do in Antigua Guatemala:     

Acatenango Hiking in Guatemala

Volcano Fuego in Guatemala is an active volcano and throws out lava and ash rarely. The last eruption was seen in 2018. But you can’t hike Fuego, while Tropicana Hostel can assist you in trekking Acatenango volcano.  In fact, that will enable you to see Fuego closely. If you are lucky enough, you can see lava flowing down. It’s a difficult trek and not for the faint-hearted people.

Certified team of tour guides

You will need a certified guide’s support to complete the trek. Tropicana Hostel has a team of experienced guides.  Moreover, they can help you to see the best view without any risk. Hiking Acatenango can be a unique experience for you to be remembered a lifetime.

Besides, there are a lot of exciting things and picturesque places that will be soothing to your eyes.

Birthplace of chocolate

Guatemala is considered to be the birthplace of chocolate and no place is better in the country to satisfy your craving for chocolates. Various cacao museums are amusing to visit. There you can see how Mayans made chocolates.

Colonial architecture

Walking on the paved streets of Antigua Guatemala is like going back to days of Spanish colonialism. The town has fascinating roads for walking. Seeing the colorful range of stone arches and admirable churches will be an amazing experience.

Tropicana Hostel can be the best choice

Have you have decided to visit Antigua Guatemala? Tropicana Hostel can be the best option for you to explore the attractions of the place.  We offer some splendid facilities for everyone’s enjoyment. Our services include affordable and reliable airport pick-up services, 24 hours check-in options, and a quality restaurant facility and volcano hiking.


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