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Antigua to San Salvador

Embark on stress-free and seamless journeys from the historical city of Antigua to the vibrant destination of San Salvador, all made possible by the reliable shuttle services offered by Tropicana. Our commitment to providing trustworthy transportation ensures that your travel experience is not only convenient but also characterized by a sense of ease.

Immerse yourself in exploration as you traverse the scenic route between Antigua and San Salvador, appreciating the cultural richness and diverse landscapes along the way. Tropicana’s dedicated team is poised to prioritize your comfort and safety throughout the entirety of your journey, offering you peace of mind as you embark on this exciting adventure.

Now is the opportune moment to delve into the myriad possibilities that await you. Discover the convenience and reliability of Tropicana’s shuttle services as we redefine the way you experience travel. Start your exploration today and let Tropicana be your trusted companion on this journey from Antigua to San Salvador.

  • Q 450.00 per person
  • 4:00am – 9:00am


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