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Volcán de Acatenango

Todos son bienvenidos a unirse al tour, incluso si no te hospedan con nosotros 🙂 Sube Acatenango con nosotros

Para muchas personas, esta caminata se considera secundaria  comparada a las calles empedradas de Antigua, pero para nosotros es IMPRESCINDIBLE para cualquiera que pase por aquí. Este tour promete ser uno de los mejores que realices en tu viaje. Esta caminata desafiante pero hermosa lo lleva a uno de los volcanes más altos de Guatemala, donde acamparas a casi 4,000 m de altura con una vista espectacular del muy activo Volcán Fuego. Trabajamos con la comunidad local, contamos con 14 increíbles guías que están certificados por INGUAT (Oficina Local de Turismo en Guatemala) Al hacer la caminata con nosotros estás contribuyendo al desarrollo de La Soledad ya que la caminata es la principal fuente de ingresos para un muchas familias en esta área.

Nuestro tour incluye:

Equipo (Cabaña, sleeping bag, colchón)  EDREDONES – ALMOHADAS – CABAÑAS COMPARTIDAS
Guías (todos nuestros guías son locales de la comunidad La Soledad.)
Desayuno en el hostal (huevos revueltos, panqueques queso, pan y fruta).
Almuerzo – Burrito Vegetariano – Jugo y brownie. (Vegan, Sin Gluten, Opciones Sin Lactosa disponibles)
Cena vegetariana (tenemos opciones si tiene restricciones) / Nuestros guías preparan la cena en el campamento
Cafe, té y chocolate caliente.
Marshmallows para la fogata
Transporte de ida y de vuelta a la Antigua
Descuento en hospedaje la noche siguiente al  tour * (no disponible en temporada alta)
Lugar seguro para sus pertenencias
Uso de las instalaciones en el hostal (ducha etc)
Costo de Entrada incluida 


Cosas que debes llevar.

Ropa para el frío (tenemos chaquetas, guantes y gorras para alquilar en el hostal) / la temperatura baja a 2 – 5 grados en la noche.
4 litros de agua.
Comida extra si desea, nueces o chocolate por ejemplo.
Linterna para la subida al crater en la mañana
Mochila mediana (tenemos para alquilar si no tiene).


1st day

8:00AM Anyone hiking with us gets a free breakfast to start your day served in our beautiful terrace with amazing views of the volcanoes around Antigua.  Time to get the rental items if needed.
9:00AM The shuttle leaves the hostel and its roughly and hour drive to the bottom of the volcano. All the gear to camp (tents, sleeping bags, camping beds) are already at the top of the volcano, you don’t need to carry any equipment.
10:00AM We arrive at the private farm where you start hiking, we give you time to use the toilet and arrange your personal items, if you need to rent a walking stick you can do it here.
10:30/11:00AM We start the hike, the guides go at the pace of the group so there is no pressure, we take our time, stopping every 500m for a breath.
1:00 PM Half an hour break for lunch. The hike to camp takes an average of 4 hours.
3:00 PM Your guide will make a fire and cook dinner while you take in the view of Guatemala Kilometres below and Volcano Fuego erupting straight across at eye level. In a clear day you can see the amazing Lake Atitlan and it’s surrounding volcanoes.
6:00/7:00PM Dinner will be served by the guides, You will enjoy the dinner with a glass of wine, chocolate, tea or coffee and marshmallows to roast around the campfire.


2nd day

4:00AM We have an early start, so don’t stay up too late or drink too much wine over the camp fire. Our final push to the crater for sunrise. We leave our tents and all our gear at camp, all you’ll need to carry to the top is a torch, some water and most importantly, your camera to capture the spectacular sunrise.
5:00/6:00AM Enjoy the sunrise at almost 4,000m
6:00/10AM Back to campsite arrange your personal items, start hiking back to the start point where you will get a natural drink.
12AM-1PM Back at the hostel, you are welcome to use our showers and get a towel with no extra cost.



2 scrambled eggs, ranchero sauce, fruit, cheese, pancakes, bread, juice, coffee or tea.


Vegetarian burrito, homemade brownie, apple and juice.


Marshmallows and Hot drinking chocolate, coffee or tea.


Noodles with vegetables, cup of ramen soup, local tortillas with cheese. Red wine, tea or coffee.
BREAKFAST AT THE VOLCANO Banana bread, oatmeal, coffee and chocolate.


Lactose intolerant: Scrambled eggs, fried bananas, beans, fruit cocktail and  a cookie.
Gluten free:  Scrambled eggs, fried bananas, beans, fruit cocktail and  a cookie.
Vegan:   2 hashbrown, beans, fruit cocktail and fried bananas.


Lactose intolerant: Chicken Salad, 1 apple, 2 corn cookies and a juice.
Gluten free:  Chicken Salad, 1 apple, 2 corn cookies and a juice.
Vegan:  Vegetarian burrito, homemade brownie, 1 apple and juice.


Lactose intolerant: Wine, chicken noodle soup, rice dish with lentils, chickpeas and veggies with a curry sauce, tortillas with beans.
Gluten free:  Rice with vegetables, bean soup, vegetables with soy, chocolate, te, coffee and red wine.
Vegan:  Noodles with vegetables, mushroom soup, chocolate, marshmallows, red wine, tea, chocolate and coffee.
Vegetarian:  Noodles with vegetables, mushroom soup, chocolate, marshmallows, red wine, tea, chocolate and coffee.


​​Lactose intolerant: Banana bread, toast with jam, peanut butter, coffee or te.
Gluten free:  Rice toast, jam, unsalted butter, corn tortillas with beans, peanut butter, coffee or tea.
​​Vegan:  Banana bread, toast with jam, peanut butter, coffee or te.

Tropicana Tours offers you all kinds of clothing items to make sure your warm and cozy during you hike. Each item requires a small fee and deposit. You will recieve your deposit back on items returned in fair condition.


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Volcán de Acatenango


This challenging but beautiful trek takes you up one of the highest Volcanoes in Guatemala where you will camp at almost 4,000m with a spectacular view of the very active Volcano Fuego.

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