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There is also a fourth point, and it will appear frequently during the game, and it will appear to pull the player. For example,cheap nfl jerseys supply when you go to grab the ball, or find it in the process of drizzle, you can't stop the defense of each other. At this time, there may be some people's conditions reflection, pull the other party with your hand, and draw a foul. Because the hand can not touch the ball,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys you can't pull the opponent's player. If you find the situation that pulling the player, cheap authentic nfl jerseys china it is possible to cause damage to the player. Of course, if it is slight, there is no harm, and it will not stop the game in the middle, and the referee will continue the game.

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The fifth is called blocking. For example, the other party is attacking, but you are using some of your own or other parts of your body,cheap nfl jerseys supply causing this offense. There is no way to continue. Moreover, this skill showing the skill showing of the ball is not any relationship, is a bodynity intentional intervention. This occasionally is also blinded by the referee, and it is generally a very strong player. The player's way, for example, the player attacked, he deliberately stood, blocked the other side's sight. So this is obvious foul. The fourth foul is called the random, the foot is too high, why do you say this? Because the feet will fly in the air when the feet are kicked on the site. But if you raise your foot, you will kick your feet to the side of the player or you will also cause harm to the other party. So the ball is in half, if you wish your feet,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys that pin can't extend your knee. If the height is too high, if it is more dangerous, this is very dangerous, which is also a pen, which is a foul which is too high.

The seventh is called the rushing door,cheap nfl jerseys supply and the goalkeeper's such role is very easy to hurt, you can't touch it. Because the goalkeeper he is in his guardian area,cheap authentic nfl jerseys china it is a district for fair division. If you put this goalkeeper's area, it is a very obvious illegal penalty for the goalkeeper. There is also a kind of outside the world. When you serve, your hands must hold the ball over your head. If there is not too low or kick directly, this is also a rules of this domain. There is also a deliberate delay time, so that you will be over,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys you will be over, and your part is a team that is a temporary score, you deliberately use the delay time to give him the game time. That is very obvious foul, that is, the ball is to your feet,cheap authentic nfl jerseys china you will gently slowly and slowly pick up. So this is also very clearly not happy.

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There is also the tenth point that the whistle continues to attack. Because the referee is very serious because of the entire nfl jerseys supply If the referee determines that you violate the rules, for example, the time is over or an offensive time is over,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys the referee will also whistle. At this time, you will continue to play, it is also a foul, because this is not respecting the referee. so. A simple truth, in the process of the game. We must abide by all rules and regulations developed by the dispersion, because there is no rules, not a square. The rule is to make the whole game to go authentic nfl jerseys china Whether you are destroying basic rules or malicious to hit teammates or referee, you don't listen, or through some drugs or other ways to improve our competition. For example, it is a violation. Because the violation is your behavior, it will be unfair to the whole game. Therefore, in the process of normal competitions,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys we must abide by all rules and regulations and make an excellent player. But you put on the number above the jersey, in addition to telling your location, telling you that you must abide by the basic principles and guidelines of an athlete.