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First we mention the handball. cheap nfl jerseys supply must be kicking with a foot. If your hand is in touch with this football, you are penalty unless you are a goalkeeper. Handball is the most obvious foul in the football game, wholesale cheap nfl jerseys can't touch it with your hand, unless you are a door. In the penalty area, you can contact your hand, if you can't touch your football with your hands in your game. That is, the door will be in the area of cheap authentic nfl jerseys china the goalkeeper, he can hold the ball, but he leaves the guard area, he can only use his feet to kick the ball, you can't use your hand.

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The second is the offside. cheap nfl jerseys supply This word is relatively simple, in the previous period, we have already introduced the name and location of the role he live in each location. Each player should be in this location. Kick the corresponding ball. But if he has changed, for example, the other party is going to play, it will cause an offside. The easiest way is to the offensive party, run behind the last player of the defensive authentic nfl jerseys china This constitutes this offside. How is this understanding? At the time of the offensive part, he can't stand behind the defenders' players. Because since it is a defensive person, the team member is also standing behind, so if you change this location, it is the offside. At an instant of the attack party, if you suddenly ran to the front to play,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys this is actually in rules. This must let the ball go back to the back of the passers-by. The third is that if the shooter is shot, if the door is shot, it is blocked by the door or the defensive player, blocked, this time is received by another player. At this time, it will also cause it. The fourth, if the player discovers some position, someone has been rushing directly, and the location changes have occurred. At this time, he ran to the back of the B player, and the B player had a change in the two positions of the A player. At this time, if the referee saw, he will send a whistle to make these two people back to the position. So the offside rule is above.

The third type is called a nfl jerseys supply Why is it called a shovel? In the process of the game, if the other party's play speed is enough, if you can't pick up or defense on your front, cheap authentic nfl jerseys china it is not possible that you will be a hobody.wholesale cheap nfl jerseys You can't make a shovel behind the players, whether you are deliberate or your tactics, this is some obvious foul. The so-called rules are very clear, one is not to destroy some basic rules set by the game. The second cannot cause harm to the player's body. But behind the back is a very obvious mistake, which will make the players suffer from hit, upset or injured.

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Of course, it is a foul on the front or a nfl jerseys supply This judge is to see the judgment of the judgment, the referee can determine if you are subjective according to the situation in the scene. If it is subjective,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys put people down,cheap authentic nfl jerseys china deliberately kick injuries, it is a serious foul, and the red card is issued. That if you say that you are unhealthy, you accidentally cause injuries, then you have to give you a warning, yellow card warning. This is a significant action. If you run out when you are in flight, you have seen it, that is, it is very clear to determine a foul. In fact, the purpose of foul is fouled is to ensure that the player is not hurt.